Payment Methods

We accept Cash or payment via PayMe or Faster Payment System (FPS)



我們接受現金,PayMe 或透過快速付款系統(FPS)方式付款。


Pre-Order Item(s)

  1. Your pre-order item(s) will only be processed after we have received full payment from you.

  2. We will contact you by wts app message / email when the pre-order item(s) arrived.

  3. No refund will be arranged once we have accepted your order.


  1. 當我們收到你全數款項後,方會為你處理預購。

  2. 當你預購的產品到貨後,我們將以wts app信息或電郵通知閣下。

  3. 當我們接受你的預購後,恕不接受任何退款要求。


Product Returns / Refunds

Due to personal hygiene issue, we apologise that we do NOT accept return of products. You are welcome to visit our store for fitting in case you have worried on the size. 

退貨 / 退款


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